​Durham Region, Ontario

The Crane

In many Eastern traditions, the crane is a harbinger of good tidings and good fortune. A soaring bird that is capable of reaching great heights, the crane invites us to lift our spirits, have faith in ourselves, and release our fears as we move into new territory. The crane brings peace, healing, happiness, and opportunity and asks us to use the past as a foundation for building a brighter future.

Mission and Vision

My name is Tamara and I want to live in a world where survivors of domestic abuse are never alone in their healing process, no matter how long that takes. I believe in the power of creative grief support, holistic modalities, and yoga, and use them to create spaces where survivors of domestic abuse can redefine themselves following loss and use the past to transform their future.

I was inspired to start Crane’s Landing during my own healing journey. While a number of resources were available early on, I found that few existed for survivors who had been out of domestically abusive relationships for one year or more.

I am committed to creating spaces where survivors can work through their grief, challenge any limiting beliefs holding them back, and receive the encouragement, understanding, and support needed to create their own healing and live wholehearted after loss.